Fabini home raid: One year later

Mug shots of Michael Fabini (left), Marshall Butler (center) and Jamison Gudorf (right) courtesy the Allen County Sheriff's Department.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – It’s been a year since FBI agents and police raided several homes in Fort Wayne.  The center of the investigation was Michael Fabini’s home.  He’s the brother of former NFL lineman Jason Fabini.  Jason’s home was raided too, but Michael and two other men are the only ones facing federal charges.

It took investigators about two and a half months to file charges against Michael Fabini, Marshall Butler, and Jamison Gudorf.  All of them pleaded not guilty.  Friday we learned Fabini’s two week jury trial is set to begin in February.

A year ago, neighbors NewsChannel 15 spoke with were skeptical as to why FBI agents and police officers were raiding Fabini’s home.

“Since he has famous relatives, you always hear about drugs.  That’s the first thing people are thinking.  Then they just brought the dogs in just a couple of minutes ago.”

In February Fabini was indicted on more than 40 charges of drug trafficking, money laundering, and unlawful financial transactions.

A federal attorney said in March, Fabini had been leading a double life for quite a long time.  Between 2009 and 2012, he said Fabini spent $1.7 million he made from drug trafficking.

Fabini’s trial was originally set for July 9, but he asked for a continuance.  Then the trial was reset to begin this coming Monday.  Again, Fabini asked for more time.  This time so he can explore the possibility of pleaing on lesser charges.

In March Michael’s former stepbrother, Byron Peters, wanted to talk about the indictment.  When asked if Peters ever questioned where Fabini’s money came from, he had this to say:  “Michael had a very lucrative lawn care company.  And he was very good at it.”

On Friday Butler, one of the other men facing charges, filed paperwork for a change of venue and wants his charges dismissed.  As for Gudorf, his sentencing is set for February 19th.

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