Man gets donated dog after pit bulls killed his Chihuahua

A northwest Ohio woman donated Fiesta or "Fifi" to a man who's dog was killed by pit bulls.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – His neighbors’ pit bulls killed Mark Borders’ Chihuahua mix in September.  15 Finds Out first reported on it when Animal Care and Control returned the dogs to their owner.  After watching the story, a woman decided to give Borders a new dog.

15 Finds Out first reported on the pit bull attack when Animal Care and Control returned the dogs to their owners.

Carly Turner delivered a long-haired Chihuahua to Borders Thursday morning.  Turner runs C&S Rescue, a small pet rescue out of Paulding County, Ohio.

She said when watching the 15 Finds Out story, she could tell Borders was lost without his old companion.

“I wanted to get him another dog.  And I had a little Chihuahua at my rescue that was needing a home,” said Turner.

Borders said nothing will replace his old dog, but was thankful for the gift.

“I think she’s adorable.  She’s nice and mellow.  She’s old like me.  I think we’ll get along just fine,” said Borders.  “Her name’s Fiesta but we’re going to change it to Fifi most likely.”

Turner calls the pair a match made in heaven.  Fifi is former breeder dog that used to life in a crate and Borders is still recovering from the loss of his long-time friend.

“It’s been rough but she’ll be just fine and I’ll be just fine,” Borders said.

Turner will be checking in with Borders to make sure Fifi is in a good home.

Borders still lives two doors down from the pit bulls, but he hopes to move out as soon as possible.  He said he won’t take Fifi outside unless it’s in his arms.

Borders is suing the owners of the pit bulls for the attack.  They’ve filed a restraining order against him.

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