Second parasailing crash victim back in Indiana

Alexis Fairchild (left) and Sidney Good (right) were injured in a parasailing accident in Florida on July 1.

INDIANAPOLIS (WANE) – The second victim of a parasailing accident in Florida is now back in Indiana. Sydney Good was released from a Florida hospital Sunday morning and flown to Indianapolis.

Her friend, Alexis Fairchild, who suffered from brain and spinal injuries, left Florida on Thursday to drive to the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana (RHI) in Indianapolis where she will enter her next phase of recovery.

Good’s family released the following statement Sunday:

“On Saturday, Sidney Good was able to stand up and walk for the first time since her parasailing accident on July 1 in Panama City Beach.  She walked just a short distance to a chair where she was able to sit up to eat.  Over the past few days she has been talking with us more and memories of the day of the accident are coming back.

Sunday morning, Sidney was released from Bay Medical Center and flown to Indianapolis for further evaluation and possibly more surgery.  She is not yet ready for a rehabilitation hospital and will not be at the same hospital as Alexis, but we look forward to getting them together again sometime soon.

We would like to personally thank Bay Medical Center for the outstanding care they have provided our daughter since the accident.  We would also like to thank the people of Panama City for the prayers and caring during this terrible time in our lives.  We hope to return sometime when both of the girls are well and see all of our new friends again.  And of course, enjoy a beach vacation.”

Parasailing accident in Florida

Good and Fairchild, were parasailing in high winds on Monday July 1 when the rope apparently broke from the boat, sending the girls flying out of control. Cell phone video shows the two hitting a balcony on a condo and careening over another building before crashing into an SUV in a parking lot.

Both underwent brain surgery on Monday, the night of the accident. Good continued to suffer brain trauma that prevented doctors from working on her broken neck for several days . Fairchild had another surgery on her head and back on Wednesday and by Thursday she was able to walk with the assistance of a walker.

Good had surgery to alleviate swelling of the brain and to remove a blood clot. A week after the parasailing accident that caused the injuries, doctors determined Good was finally stable enough for a surgery to repair her neck. The surgery went well and she had her ventilator removed the same day.

By Wednesday, Good was telling her parents that she felt bored and wanted to get up and move around. Family initially hoped she would begin walking soon but doctors decided it was too soon for her to move around. She will also need to undergo reconstructive surgery to repair broken facial bones.

Fairchild was able to move out of the ICU at this time and into a normal hospital room. She started twice-a-day rehabilitation sessions to help her return to normal movement.

On Thursday, ten days after the accident, Fairchild was released from the hospital and traveled to a hospital in Indianapolis where she will continue her rehabilitation.

Good remains in at a hospital in Florida.

From the family:
A benefit fund has been established to help with medical expenses at PNC Bank.  You can deposit into the Good & Fairchild Benefit fund at any PNC Branch, or give online at:

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