Kids hold signs as punishment for smoking pot

Parents forced 12-year-old cousins to hold signs along a busy street after getting caught smoking marijuana.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Some parents have found a creative way to punish their kids for smoking marijuana.

Two 12-year-old cousins, Nathaniel and Jaida, were spotted along East State Boulevard and Sherborne Boulevard holding two signs explaining why they were in trouble.

According to the step-father of one of the kids, the two were caught smoking marijuana at a neighbor’s house last week. It was reported to the kids’ school Thursday, and because the incident happened during school hours they were suspended.

Nathaniel and Jaida held signs that said, “I’m 12. Kicked out of school 4 smoking weed,” and “Honk. I’m an idoit [sic]. I got caught smoking weed at school.”

The two were along State and Sherborne because that is where their bus passes by. They told NewsChannel 15 they had to stay until dark.

The two also said they learned their lesson and promised to not smoke marijuana again.

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