Arrests made in 2011 double homicide in Mercer County

Mug shot of Bryant Lavon Rhoades courtesy Darke County Jail. Rhoades was originally charged with obstructing justice in connection to the November 2011 killings.

FORT RECOVERY, Ohio (WANE) Arrests have been made in a gruesome double homicide that shocked a small Ohio town in 2011, the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department announced on Tuesday at 2 p.m.

Robert Grube and his daughter Colleen Grube, were found bound by duct tape and shot to death in their Fort Recovery home in late November 2011.  No one had been arrested in connection with the case until Tuesday.

The Sheriff’s Department indicated no more information would be released until Wednesday morning, however later on Tuesday, Mercer County Prosecutor  Matthew Fox issued a press release announcing that Bryant L. Rhoades, 22, of Union City had been charged and arrested for obstruction of justice.

The press release indicated that on June 4, 2012, Rhodes had given authorities false information related to the Grube homicides.

The press release did not disclose whether Rhoades was directly involved in the killings.

Authorities had previously indicated that they believed two or more people and possibly a man and a woman had committed the crimes.

The release only reflected that authorities have accused Rhoades of intentionally hindering the “discovery, apprehension, prosecution, conviction, or punishment of another, for a crime or assist another to benefit from the commission of a crime, communicate false information to the [investigating officers and agents].” The obstruction of justice charge is punishable as third degree felony in Ohio.

Rhoades’ bond was set at $350,000.

Residents in Fort Recovery said this arrest will help bring closure to the community.

“Maybe it didn’t happen quite as soon as we’d liked to have it happen, but I think everybody in the back of their minds knew someday we would find who actually did this,” said Mayor Roger Broerman of Fort Recovery.

Sheriff Jeff Grey will issue a statement regarding the arrests at the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department on Wednesday morning at 9 am.  NewsChannel 15 will have a crew there to provide updates.

November 2011 killings

On November 30, 2011, Cassandra Grube found her father-in-law Robert, 70 and her sister-in-law, Colleen, 47, bound by duct tape and dead from gunshot wounds when she went to check on them at 9:00 am at their home at 2216 Burrville Road.

Officials determined that Colleen was last seen alive shortly after 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, November 29, 2011. Colleen and Robert were found about 16 hours later.

Investigators narrowed the time of the incident to a two hour window.

There was also a laptop computer missing from the scene.

In September of 2012, the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department announced it was offering a $20,000 reward, up from an initial $10,000 offer, for information that would lead to a conviction in the case.  It’s not known if a tip led police to the suspects or if the arrests were made based on the nearly 200 pieces of evidence they had gathered.

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