Councilman Moss: I regret calling Sheriff Fries

Allen County Councilman Paul Moss
Allen County Councilman Paul Moss

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – We first told you about County Councilman Paul Moss getting pulled over early in the morning of June 2. Moss sat down one-on-one to speak with NewsChannel 15 reporter Megan Reust about what happened during that traffic stop.

The Ethics Commission will review an ethics complaint on Friday Former Allen County IT employee Phil Pease filed against Sheriff Ken Fries and County Councilman Paul Moss.

Click here to see the complaint.

Moss told WANE he has no plans of attending the meeting on Friday.

Sheriff Fries told Megan Reust a couple of weeks ago he believes he will be exonerated and expects an apology from NewsChannel 15.

Moss told NewsChannel 15 he has not spoken with Sheriff Fries since he was pulled over at 2:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 2nd. He also said he has plans to abstain from voting on the sheriff’s budget.

Interview with County Councilman Paul Moss

“What happened that early Saturday morning when the Sheriff’s Deputy pulled you over,” NewsChannel 15 reporter Megan Reust asked.

“He (the sheriff’s deputy) asked me if I would take a breathalyzer test because he was able to detect alcohol in the car when I rolled the window down and I declined,” Allen County Councilman Paul Moss said.

Moss said he did agree to go downtown to take a blood alcohol test. He believes it’s more reliable.

“I got a little frustrated. I had some upset people in my car. And that’s when I called Sheriff Fries, which I regret doing at this point because I certainly feel bad that he has been dragged into this. I don’t believe that he has done anything wrong. I didn’t ask for any favors. The only thing I asked if he could expedite the process.”

“There may be some people questioning okay if you weren’t drunk without a doubt in your mind then why would you turn down the breathalyzer the officer had with him in his vehicle,” Reust asked Moss.

“I never said I never had a drop of alcohol. I was at a golf outing earlier in the day and I indicated this. And I’ve acknowledged this and I’ve acknowledged it to him (the sheriff’s deputy) that I did have some alcohol. But I was not intoxicated. We’re talking about at least six hours prior. I wasn’t intoxicated at the golf outing. But I wanted to take a more reliable test.”

“Generally when someone gets pulled over the officer has to have probable cause or some reason to pull you over. For instance, if you’re speeding then they pull you over ‘Hey you were speeding.’ Now, were you swerving or why did the Sheriff’s Deputy even pull you over to begin with,” Reust asked Moss.

“I may have swerved. I know at the time and I shouldn’t have done this obviously, but I was receiving some texts from the individual that I was going to take my daughter and her friends to her home. So, I could have been looking at a text,” Moss replied.

“Did it ever come across when you were sitting in the car or outside of the car when it was taking a long time that 2:30 in the morning is that the best time to be calling the sheriff,” Reust asked Moss.

“I suspect that the Sheriff probably gets a lot of calls in the middle of the night. That’s part of being sheriff of Allen County for a variety of reasons. Again, hindsight I wish I wouldn’t have called him (Sheriff Ken Fries).”

“Tying up the loose end here, we have this complaint now going in front of the ethics commission on Friday. Do you see that you did anything wrong,” Reust asked Moss.

“I think based on all of the information that is out there I would certainly hope that they would essentially dismiss it and recognize it’s a former disgruntled employee of the county that filed the complaint,” Moss replied.

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