Kitten found tortured with fireworks

Photo of fhe female kitten that had its whiskers burned off with fireworks provided by Animal Care and Control.

The Fort Wayne Department of Animal Care and Control is investigating a case of animal cruelty involving a kitten that was tortured with fireworks.

On Friday, Animal Care and Control said the kitten, who they are calling Sparkles, is doing as well as she could be expected but they are taking it day by day.

According to director Belinda Lewis, the female kitten, which appears to be about nine weeks old,  was brought to the animal shelter by a person who had found the cat in the area of 4500 Foxgrove which is near the intersection of Washington Center and Huguenard on the north side of Fort Wayne.

The cat’s whiskers had been burned off, the pads on its feet were burned and it appeared that a rubber band had been used to attach fireworks to the animal’s tail.

“She’s on pain medications and as you can see as much pain as she has been in, she is just the sweetest little thing you can imagine,” said Lewis.

Anyone with information is asked to call Animal Care and Control at 427-1244 or Crime Stoppers at 436-STOP.  The person responsible faces being prosecuted for a torture crime which is a Class D Felony which carries a prison sentence of between six months and three years.  The person could also face fines of up to $10,000.

With the 4th of July approaching Lewis stressed that people need to be aware of the dangers associated with fireworks and animals.

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