Police show gadgets inside man’s pants

Police show gadgets inside man's pants
INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WANE) – Police have revealed a network of gadgets found inside a FortWayne man’s pants that they believe he used to take video upwomen’s skirts at an Indianapolis mall.

David Delagrange, 40, was arrested in Indianapolis, Saturday,after police say he used a camera attached to his shoe to look upwomen’s skirts in Castleton Mall.

According to Indianapolis Metro Police, one officer workingpart-time at the mall was told a man was approaching women indresses and getting very close to them and would place his rightfoot under their dress.

When the officer approached Delagrange, he raised his arms andclinched his fist in front of the officer, nearly hitting him withhis elbows.

The officer then tased Delagrange for two cycles becauseDelagrange was not cooperating.  He was then taken intocustody.

Officers found Delagrange, an engineer, had a very sophisticatedcamera and audio recording system attached to his right shoe andcontrols for video and audio in his pockets which were wired to theshoe through his pants.

Police believe Delagrange had been taking video of women undertheir dresses and skirts without them being aware. One of thevictims in the mall is also believed to be a juvenile.

“This is something that was designed specifically to invadesomebody’s privacy and to assault their dignity,” said IMPD Sgt.Matt Mount.

District detectives were able to get search warrants forelectronic storage devices in his home and vehicle. Fort Waynepolice assisted in serving those warrants. Officers confiscatedvideo surveillance DVD’s, photos from a media card and the actualshoe camera system.

Delagrange is facing Voyeurism, Resisting Law Enforcement and CFelony Child Exploitation charges, although he may not get into anyfurther trouble.

As NewsChannel 15 first reported in 2009, taking upskirtpictures or videos in a public place is not illegal under currentIndiana law. Currently, the code only bans taking pictures of aperson without his or her consent in a private place like abathroom or dressing room.

That finding compelled Senator Tom Wyss to write a bill thatwould have made taking “upskirt” pictures anywhere in the state afelony crime punishable by up to a year in prison.

However, the bill did not get a hearing this session, because itcould have increased costs to the state.

“It has a fiscal,” Wyss told NewsChannel 15. “Any bill which hasthe potential to increase costs – no matter the amount– to the state has a fiscal determined by LegislativeServices agency which is like the Congressional Budget Office ofCongress. Any new felony has the potential of costs forincarceration. This is the first year I have ever had “anyamount” be the deciding factor.

Wyss promises to bring the bill back next session, but isspeaking out again, saying the recent Indianapolis case just goesto show how badly Indiana needs a new law.

“I think it proves what you (NewsChannel 15) and I have beentalking about since I first introduced the legislation. And that isthat there are other crazies out there doing the same kind ofthing,” said Wyss. “And that’s why you need the law.”

Delagrange is expected to be formally charged on Wednesday.

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