Rod Hissong

Rod Hissong
Rod Hissong

Rod Hissong joined the NewsChannel 15 team in February of 2010, and moved to the newsroom in September. He has a truly unique role in the WANE-TV newsroom. He is the overnight reporter, a role which carries many responsibilities.

In addition to covering overnight news on, Rod serves as a photojournalist, and is often first on the scene for overnight breaking news. Rod also converses with viewers and readers on Facebook and Twitter often before the news is broadcast on-the-air.

Rod was previously the fill-in sports anchor.

This is Rod’s second stint at WANE-TV. He was hired as a production assistant at the ripe age of 16, working behind-the-scenes for 2 ½ years. He went on to graduate from Wright State University in 2006. While there, he worked independently covering sports for a variety of platforms. His work with the Horizon League Network earned him the prestigious honor to vote for post-season basketball awards across the conference.

In late 2006, Rod moved to New York working for St. John’s University of the Big East Conference and also with the News 12 Networks, a 24/7 cable news platform.

Rod grew up watching NewsChannel 15 and is excited to share the news and latest information to the viewers of Northeast Indiana and Northwest Ohio, a place he’s always called home.

Watch Rod weekdays on First News starting at 5 a.m.

You can reach Rod at or on Twitter @RodHissong.