Rob Lydick

Rob Lydick

Rob Lydick is a First News Weekend meteorologist at NewsChannel 15. You’ll often find him giving forecasts, cooking, and laughing on First News each weekend.

Rob grew up in the small western Pennsylvania town of Blairsville (about an hour east of Pittsburgh) and knew from a young age that his career would involve weather. He attended Penn State and became actively involved in Campus Weather Service, the largest student-run forecasting organization in the country. He was also actively involved in “Weather or Not” and “Weather World,” shows created by the Penn State Department of Meteorology.

After graduating from Penn State with a degree in meteorology in May of 2011, Rob worked for two years as a meteorologist at WABI-TV5 in Bangor, Maine. While living in Maine, he had the chance to forecast hurricanes, snowstorms, and blizzards. He also got to do some hiking, ziplining, and snowmobiling in an outdoor adventure segment called “Roaming Rob.”

In October of 2013, Rob changed scenery and began working at NewsChannel 15 as a Meteorologist for First News Weekend. Since then, he has experienced severe storms and extreme winter weather. Rob also works with the weather team to produce 15 Fury weather specials every spring and winter. Besides weather, Rob has also worked on feature segments like “Wild on WANE” and “The Angus Advantage” while at NewsChannel 15.

In his spare time, Rob enjoys traveling, hiking, spending time with friends, watching movies, and cooking.

You can follow Rob on Facebook (“Meteorologist Rob Lydick”) or Twitter (@roblydick).

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